Create a new river flowing down through a canyon.

Use ASD or the arrow keys to change the direction of the river. The river can only flow left, right, or down. If you reach the sides, the canyon walls will turn the river back down.

Your river will flow as long as you have power (indicated in the lower right). Flowing near a tree or camp will provide it water giving you power. If a horse walks up to the river, it has a chance to take a drink also give you power. Hitting any object will flood it and reduce your power.

The river flows faster after each pathway you cross. When crossing a path, going under the bridge will provide power, but hitting the path will reduce it. The game ends when you run out of power.

Game was created for Miz Jam 1 in under 48 hours. Solo dev by moud using Unity. All art used is from provided art pack. Audio from

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